Al's Educational credits

SB (1971) University of Chicago: Mathematics, Information Sciences

MA (1973) University of Illinois, Urbana: Mathematics
ABD (1977) University of Illinois, Urbana: Mathematics/Theoretical Comp Sci
{ABD means "All but dissertation towards Ph.D.", this is no longer in progress, and represents the highest educational level completed}.

Bronx HS of Science, Bronx NY: Class of 1967.
Recent re-unions were really special; hope to see classmates at the next round!

Links to these wonderful institutions of higher learning and to the schools that I have served on the faculty:
  1. University of Chicago undergrad
  2. Mathematics at U of I Urbanagrad
  3. Bronx High School of Science high school
  4. Morningside College, Sioux City first teaching job
  5. U of Nebraska at Omaha write an e-mail if you remember the assembly language project titled "dueling robots"
  6. Oberlin Computer Science a special year
  7. U of Akron CS department, a component of what used to be the department of Mathematical Sciences
  8. University of California at Santa Cruz extension program serving Silicon Valley
  9. The Clinical Scholars Program at Rockefeller University in New York City