Al's Educational credits

SB (1971) University of Chicago: Mathematics, Information Sciences

MA (1973) University of Illinois, Urbana: Mathematics
ABD (1977) University of Illinois, Urbana: Mathematics/Theoretical Comp Sci
{ABD means "All but dissertation towards Ph.D."}

Bronx HS of Science, Bronx NY: Class of 1967.
Recent re-unions were really special; hope to see classmates at the next round!

Links to these wonderful institutions of higher learning and to the schools that I have served on the faculty:
  1. University of Chicago undergrad
  2. Mathematics at U of I Urbanagrad
  3. Bronx High School of Science high school
  4. Morningside College, Sioux City first teaching job
  5. U of Nebraska at Omaha write an e-mail if you remember "dueling robots"
  6. Oberlin Computer Science a special year
  7. U of Akron CS department, a component of what used to be the department of Mathematical Sciences